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The Little Prince

Genre    |   Drama

Director |   Jong-Hyun Choi

Cast       |   Jae-Hoon Tak, Su-Han Kang

Runtime |   92 min

The Little Prince
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The happiest promise in the world | "I hope you're happy. At least for this moment...


Jong-chul is a tough workerholic polyartist. Jong-chul, who is obsessed with his work, is the best polyartist, but is naturally neglected by his son Eun-gyu and his wife Hee-soo, and is labeled as the "defective leader" by his family. Then one day, Jong-chul, constantly making sound in the recording studio, recognizes his phone ringing from his wife. He then answers the phone with anger and frustration and to focus on his work, he turns off his phone...

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