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Love My Scent

Genre    |   Sweet Love Romance

Director |   Lim Seong-yong

Cast       |   Yoon Siyoon Seol In-a

Runtime |   108 min

One day, the lab makes a very mysterious perfume….

Changsoo, On his way to work, lately gets on the bus that he almost missed. Even on a busy morning, Changsoo was late because he helped an old lady and a child with a rear car. He has a sweetheart which he helps people in need. However, Changsoo is timid when it comes to romantic relationships since he was dumped by women a dozens of times. “Wish there is a small hope in my mundane life…”

Ara, Gets on the bus with sass. While everyone puts their eyes on her, she doesn’t look at anyone. In her life, there is no joy and time. In her mundane life, Ara believes that there is nobody she will love, living in loneliness. “Don’t even remember when was the last time my heart throbbed.”

One day, living his normal life, Changsoo gets a mysterious perfume. While preparing for work, he accidentally sprays the perfume and leaves his house.

He realizes that women on the street have all became strange, peeking, following, and even slapping his face!

Ara, seeing this moment feels peculiar. She sees a halo behind Changsoo, and her heart starts to beat fast.

That night, Changsoo becomes suspicious of the perfume and decides to test it.

The next day at the department store, Changsoo tries the perfume and accidentally encounters Ara who falls in love with the smell and kisses Changsoo.

That night, Changsoo and Ara get drunk and go to the motel. Changsoo is distressed because he think he seduced Ara by using the perfume.

Meanwhile, Ara decides to go as she pleases and meets Changsoo.

Ara and Changsoo spend their days happily dating…

James, a researchers at the love laboratory watching the two turns out to be Ara’s ex-boyfriend!

The look that James gave to two were suspicious…

One night, Changsoo gets a call with a number restriction.

“What will happen if Ara finds out the truth?”

Changsoo starts to sweat, looking around, but there was no one.

One day, when Changsoo continued to feel anxious…

“Come here if you want to know the truth”

Receives a text from James. Changsoo, Ara, and James meet together.

Is our love true…?



Genre    |   Action

Director |   Kang Je-kyu

Cast       |   Jang Dong-kun , Won Bin

Runtime |   145 min

Jin-tae shines shoes in the streets of Jongno, hoping to save money to send his younger brother, Jin-seok to university, and get married with his fiancee Yeong-sin. One day in June, extras saying a war had started fly about in the streets, and Seoul which had been so peaceful, is suddenly filled with the sounds of sirens and screams. Jin-tae decides to escape to the south and his family joins the mass of people trying to get away. At the Daegu Station they get entangled in the great whirlwind of history. Jin-seok, who is over 18, is forced to board the train for conscripts. Jin-tae jumps on the train to bring him back, but he himself is forced to stay on the train too. Without ever getting any proper training, the two are sent to Nakdong River, the last frontline. Jin-tae goes to see the battalion commander to cancel Jin-seok’s recruitment. In his meeting with the commander, he understands what he has to do to send his brother back home. He starts on his dangerous mission to become the war hero. The Korean army succeeds in defending the Nakdong River frontline thanks to Jin-tae’s exploits. When they hear news that the Incheon landing operation was successful, Jin-tae’s battalion heads north. Jin-tae, who has no sense of patriotism or notion of democracy, was turning into a war hero just to save his younger brother, while Jin-seok realizes that if he was to survive the war, he had to become stronger. They head for Pyeongyang, where an unexpected fate awaits them.

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