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The Legend of Gingko

Genre    |   Action

Director |   Park Jae-hyun

Cast       |   Sul kyoung-gu / Choi Jin-sil

Runtime |   115 min

The Legend Of Gingko
동영상 보기

Two rival tribes, Hawk and Volcano, battle against each other until Hawk, cursed by the Mountain God, is cast away to the wastelands. Several generations pass and two lovers from each tribe, Han and Soo fall in love and give birth to a daughter, Bee.However the family is parted through Soo's attempt to conquer the world by killing Bee, who is bestowed with the secret of the Mountain God.Han takes Bee away to his own tribe the Volcanoes, which he once deserted for love, to save his daughter. Now a Volcano, Bee makes friends with warriors Dan, Jok and Yon.As an eclipse which will awake God's sword draws near, the Mountain God summons Bee. In order to put a stop to all the death and destruction wreaked upon her beloved family, friends and tribe, Bee decides to leave

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