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Real Fiction

Genre    |   Drama

Director |   Gi-Deok Kim

Cast       |   Jin-Mo Joo

Runtime |   84 min

Real Fiction
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Our Distorted Lives Hiding Amidst a Peaceful Afternoon A girl stares at me. She told me I draw well. I hadn't heard that in a while. She seduces me saying she'll give me something good. However, at the place I followed her to... There was a violent man I had never seen. In his eyes bloodshot with anger, I could see myself. He asks me why I live such a pitiful life. The violent man whispers, "It's not too late!" The woman rips my drawing. My lover is like a fancy flower and is bold even after having an affair. The photographer insulted my drawings yet used me. What a sly snake. He stole my lover and turned her into an old book. My war buddy fumbled with meat with his blood-stained hands. He must have forgotten that he treated me like that piece of meat... The cop who accused me of rape doesn't even have to be remembered. It's so habitual he must have no feeling. How can this be? I'm so angry, yet nobody knows why I'm so angry. The quiet daily life awaits me like a picture. However, I think I can see now. The endless friction amidst that peaceful daily life. A furious scream is heard. My kind neighbor. He must have been raising a vicious snake in his heart.

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