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Over the Rainbow

Genre    |   Romance

Director |   Ahn Jin-woo

Cast       |   Lee Jung-jae / Jang Jin-young

Runtime |   109 min

Over the Rainbow
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Weather forecaster Jin-su has a car accident. He returns to work as he wasn’t seriously injured, but he cannot remember the woman whom he had loved for 8 years. He asks his friend from college Yeon-hui for help. Yeon-hui had been Sang-in’s lover but she is now heartbroken because they had broke up recently. For Yeon-hui, the past is full of heart-aching memories, but decides to revive them for the sake of Jin-su. As they meet more often, Jin-su starts to harbor new feelings for her. Finally he decides to give up his past memories and start anew with Yeon-hui. Unaware of Jin-su’s feelings, Yeon-hui tries to help Jin-su find his love. Love had blossomed in her heart, but she thinks helping him find his lost love is the best she can do for him. One day, Chae Hye-yeong who claims to have been Jin-su’s lover comes forward

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