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On the pitch

Genre    |   Drama / Comedy

Director |   Yoon-sik Gye

Cast       |   Sung-Jae Lee, Sung-Jin Gang

Runtime |   113 min

On the pitch_Trailer
동영상 보기


In the middle of the North-South border...

We do want to enjoy the World Cup too!!


Members of the 43GP (Guard Post) unit on the eastern front of the Demilitarized Zone in North Korea, who do not hesitate to think about what came from the South with the idea that "the soccer ball also has ideas!"

The squad leader in the first minute is a big fan of Korean soccer.

While struggling to catch the wild boar found during the search with the squad, the first-minute captain accidentally encounters South Korean soldiers in the search area.

After a tense confrontation, the relationship between wild boars is developed.

At the height of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, with interest in soccer and the goodwill of South Korean soldiers, the North's troops carefully open their minds and begin covert exchanges.

South Korea's frequency was captured by the first-minute radio, and it was none other than South Korea's Korea-Japan World Cup broadcast.

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