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Oh My God

Genre    |   Comedy 

Director |   Kim Jung-woo

Cast       |   Choi Sung-kook Shin Ee

Runtime |   104 min

Oh My God
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The self-proclaimed good-looking playboy Jung-hwan chases after any woman with a pretty face and hot body. During his lonely last days before going off to the army, he meets Eun-joo , an unattractive girl that no man wants to go out with, disguised as a lavish hot babe and something happens between them…Two years later, Jung-hwan forgets everything and returns to the social scene. However, Eun-joo shows up again and presents him with twins. From there on out Eun-joo, the charismatic prosecutor’s “Make my immature playboy husband into a real man project” comes into full effect.

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