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My wife is a Gangster

Genre    |   Action / Comedy

Director |   Jin-kyu Cho

Cast       |   Eun-kyung Shin

Runtime |   105 min

My wife is a gangster_Trailer
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Get down! I'm in Charge!!!

Eunjin. The living legend of the gangster’s world,

She has a painful memory of her sister, who broke up in an orphanage as a child, even though she conquered the dark district, which is an absolute male zone with just scissors.

The one day, Eun-jin finds out that her sister, who she continually keeps to find, is a late-stage of stomach cancer patient. Eun-jin's last wish before her death is to start a happy family and live a normal woman's life. Eun-jin's serious wedding plan is starting.

Su-il, who repeatedly fails to receive after-dating propose after 58 dates, is a just inferior ranks of a public officer. Su-il has a simple wish of ordinary man Su-il, who wants to have a loving wife and a warm family come true?!

After a few laughable confrontations, Eun-jin decides to marry Su-il, who looks clumsily but kind, with the help of her faithful Mazinger, Pants and Butter. Su-il, who didn't even know the bride was a gangster, was soaked in his honeymoon's sweet dreams.

But the only thing waiting for him was Eun-jin's indiscriminate violence...

Besides marriage life, Eun-jin's job is to legally operate a 20-storys building that is currently being built to lay the foundation for herself and her subordinates.

However, Eunjin is threatened with her marriage and her dream at the same time as another organization in the border area of the building, White shark Gangster, begins to pay attention to her building management interests.

Meanwhile, Su-il is in deep considered cause of Eun Jin’s refuses to sleep, and never do keep cleaning and do cook and so on. He is afraid of Eun-jin, who often responds with a kick, and eventually thinks of breaking up with her.

But unfortunately, Eun-jin miscarry the baby, cause of the white shark gangsters’ attack, the innocent Su il turned 180 degrees to brave man….

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