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Muoi : The Legend of a Portrait

Genre    |   Horror

Director |   Tae-Kyung Kim

Cast       |   Joan, Ye-Ryun Cha

Runtime |   93 min

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"Don't try to know her secret...”
"A seductive portrait. That's why you can't get out!"

Novelist Yoon-hee, who had been struggling to find a new subject, hears an interesting legend of "Mei" from her friend Seo-yeon in Vietnam. The strange legend and secret of "Mei," which was heard from Seo-yeon, who had been out of touch for a while, captures Yoon-hee's heart at once, but somehow the burden of going to meet Seo-yeon makes her hesitate.

However, data on Seo-yeon's continued portraits eventually shook Yun-hee's heart, sought the secrets of her portrait from more than 100 years ago, and sailed to Vietnam to accept the invitation of her long-lost friend Seo-yeon.

Upon arriving in Vietnam, Yoon-hee is quite surprised by Seo-yeon's appearance, which has changed to be more colorful than before, but Seo-yeon welcomes the embarrassed Yoon-hee. As such, Yoon-hee, whose awkward relationship with Seo-yeon in the past, becomes more obsessed with collecting materials for the secret portrait, "Mei." However, as Seo-yeon and I dig into the secrets of "Mei" one by one, the situation around her becomes more and more strange, and Seo-yeon also has some mysterious events. Now, the exotic Vietnam that captured Yun-hee so much turns into a terrible place, and the secret of the portrait "Mei" gradually falls into the maze...

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