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Mr. Kim VS Mr. Kim VS Mr. Kim

Genre    |   Comedy

Director |   Sung-Kyun Park

Cast       |   Hyun-Jun Shin / Sung-Gook Choi

Runtime |   103 min

Mr. Kim VS Mr. Kim VS Mr. Kim
동영상 보기


Three Kims tells the story about two martial arts practicioners in a small village. While one Kim (Kim Wuan Jang) lectures Kendo, the other (Kim Kwan Jang) teaches his pupils the art of Taekkyon. Theres a bitter rivalry between the two masters and they often argue about which martial art is the best. It becomes worse when another martial artist arrives in the village. The martial artist introduces himself as Kim Sukho and practices Kung-Fu. This off course leads to more rivalry. The tenant, fed up with all the arguing decides to organise a contest to see who is the best. The winner will also win the hand of his beautifull daughter Yeonshil. But nothing goes as planned and a group of gangster stir up the town even more...

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