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Genre    |   Drama

Director |   Jang-Soo Lee

Cast       |   Woo-Sung-Jung / So-Young Ko

Runtime |   99 min

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Myung-su is an internationally acclaimed marathoner with a spectacular track record. As fame draws increasing attention from the media, Myung-su finds it more difficult to deal with the roaring expectations and maintain his personal life. Chosen as a Korean delegate for a track race held in L.A., Myung-su starts losing confidence, as he doubts his ability to improve his timing. Falling into a deep depression, he leaves the team and seeks refuge at his cousin Brad's home. There, he meets Jenny, an energetic and outgoing Korean-American girl. Like Myung-su, Jenny too is racked by chronic insecurity: the result of painful memories of a lost love. Jenny encourages Myung-su to reconsider competing in the track race after acknowledging his true identity. She volunteers to be his training partner, and through the grueling course events, the two slowly open up to each other

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