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I am Really Sorry

Genre    |   Drama

Director |   Yoe-Song Moon

Cast       |   Ye-Jin Lim / Deok-Hwa Lee

Runtime |   80 min

I am Really Sorry
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Hearing the news that Jeong-A he thought dead is alive, Young-Su seeks for Jeong-A right away. Jeong-A's parents tell him about Jeong-A's engagement don't let him meet her. After all, Jeong-A meets him but she treats him indifferently. Young-Su can't forget their beautiful school days. But Jeong-A is living a limited life. Other people around Jeong-A take a cold attitude to him to help Jeong-A for Young-Su. Young-Su misunderstands her and leaves. One autumn day, knowing Jeong-A's truth through her letter, Young-Su mourns her death.

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