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Genre    |   Crime / Drama

Director |   Yoon-Ho Yang

Cast       |   Sung-Jae Lee, Min-Soo Choi

Runtime |   120 min

Holiday | Yoon-Ho Yang | 120 min
동영상 보기

October 1988...

When we couldn't get out of the excitement of ranking fourth in the world after finishing the world event of the Olympics...

There is an incident that surprises the world.

Ji Kang-hyuk who sentenced 10 years and his prisoners, who are serving a seven-year prison term, are overthrowing a convoy.

Ji Kang Hyuk and his party, who succeeded in fleeing the war by taking away a pistol and live ammunition, are throwing Seoul into a panic by staging hostage-taking of away robbers and homes.

However, people who are taken hostage feel compassion for the human and polite Kang Hyuk's group, contrary to what the media say is a felon.

On the ninth day of the defection, the gang hiding in their homes in Bukgajwa-dong was discovered by Ahn Seok, a police officer who was persistently chasing them, and had a final confrontation with the police. With the "Holiday" of Bizzy's song, Ji Kang Hyuk cries out to the police and media surrounding him. "No Money Get Guilty, Wealthy Get Not Guilty” Rich makes no sin, Poverty makes sin..."

Kang Hyuk's cry resonates throughout the country through TV and other media, and Kang Hyuk makes the final choice with the party…

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