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Gangster High

Genre    |   Action

Director |   Gi-Hyung Park

Cast       |   Kyung-Ho Jung / Tae-Sung Lee

Runtime |   101 min

Gangster High
동영상 보기


Sang-ho is an ordinary student who hopes to be a cadet at the Korea Military Academy. He has two close friends from his middle school days - Jaegu and Changbae. Unlike his friends who like moving around in groups and are more interested in out-of-school things, Sang-ho is behaving like a model student so he can realize his dream. The only thing Sang-ho is interested in besides studying is being with his friends. Sang-ho and his friends form a club called Tiger together with Gyeong-cheol, Sang-sik, and Hong-gyu, who have become their friends after entering their high school. They enjoy playing soccer, discharging their youthful energy. One day Sang-ho, who does nothing but study or play soccer, meets a girl called Soo-hee, who is acquainted with Jae-gu. Soo-hee's character is the opposite of Sang-ho's. Still, they are attracted to each other's unique charm and develop such a close relationship that they want to protect each other. But Soo-hee is, in fact, Han Jong-seok's girlfriend. Han Jong-seok is the boss of a gang of delinquents called TNT. He attends another high school. After meeting Soo-hee, Sang-ho cannot avoid getting involved in a fight with TNT. Although Sang-ho and his friends have formed Tiger to share their friendship, it is increasingly viewed as a violent gang, unlike its original nature. With a question whether this is due to its name, Tiger often gets involved in unavoidable fights after that.

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