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Genre    |   Comedy

Director |   Seung-Soo Shin

Cast       |   Chang-Jung Im , Han-Il Na

Runtime |   100 min

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The main characters in this comic drama are Park Bong-Soo and Kim Wang-Ki. They call themselves actors but people say they are "extras". They are sophisticated extras who dream of being stars in the future. They never get frustrated even though their roles in movies are small, and insignificant. One day they get a chance to play the roles of public prosecutor and detective. After a few drinks at a karaoke salon, they practice being the prosecutor and detective for the female attendants in the karaoke. To their surprise, their acting is so convincting that they are served luxury food and paid protection money by the manager of the salon. They have an opportunity to pull the same scam again when they finish the film's shooting, and they make a lot of money again. After these two successes, they gain the courage to make a living from their ruse, and decide to do it in illegal dancing schools and casinos, to tap into the big money. When they become rich, they resolve to pull the scam one last time in order to hit the jack pot. Will they succeed?

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