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Genre    |   Action / Drama

Director |   Doo-Young Kim

Cast       |   Dong-jun Lee, Steven Segal

Runtime |   100 min

동영상 보기


Now it’s all over!

The final match of the World Taekwondo Championships in Los Angeles is being held. South Korea's top fighter Seung-hyun (jun Lee-Lee Dong-joon) and U.S. pride Jack Miller (Steven-Sigirl) are in full swing. The splendid Taekwondo skill that unfolds for the position of Master...

However, Seunghyun's quick attack following his cheerful moves is a step ahead.

But what happened?

The score doesn't go up, even though Seung-hyun's brilliant attacks have exactly entered Jack Miller's core.

The victory was Jack Miller's one before start, because of the American side's trickery


On the day he was robbed of the taekwondo champion, he was also estranged with his lover Minseo (Kim Hye-ri). That twisted time continues to twist and twist seven years later. Still, Seung-hyun, who is strong, lives by adapting to life in his own way.

Although he is a dirty and reckless bully, he has a job as a detective and a life of harmony with his pretty daughter Sa-rang (Eun Seo-woo). If he had not met the Hwang Jong-chul (Ki Ju-bong) gang, he would have lived well.

But what will be done about the twisted fate? Seung-hyun, who misbehaved Hwang Jong-chul's hand, will quit the detective and will have to act as Hwang Jong-chul's fighter for his livelihood and his daughter's safety.

For Hwang Jong-chul, who makes money through illegal mixed martial arts, Seunghyun was the best of best fighter... The bold little love who serves as a daughter, wife, and mother to the helpless father happens to meet Min-seo at the mart.

As she meets Sa-rang, she feels strange about the resurrection of old memories, but comes to like young yet adult Sa-rang. Then he found out that Sa-rang is his daughter who was born with Seunghyun.


Hwang Jong-chul, who has tasted illegal mixed martial arts, is offered a game of Seung-hyun and Jack Miller through a U.S. promoter. Hwang Jong-chul can't miss this big deal.

But Seung-hyun doesn't like meaningless fights anymore. When it was not persuaded, Hwang Jong-chul conspired with the U.S. side and kidnapped Seung-hyun's daughter. Seunghyun is forced to head to the United States to rescue his daughter... The news of Sa-rang being kidnapped is also passed on to Minseo. She's pissed off, the ringleader has a double nosebleed! Minseo getting on the plane to America right now... Waiting in the U.S. is a game that risks the life of Jack Miller, who is trying to clean up the wrong game of the past, and Seung-hyun, who is fighting only for his daughter. However, with his daughter Sarang in custody, no one knows what Seung-hyun will do.

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