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Genre    |   Horror

Director |   Man-Dae Bong

Cast       |   Ji-Won Do, Se-Kyung Shin

Runtime |   94 min

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Hyun-soo is a 17-year-old, virulent high school girl who is loved by her mother Yoon-hee. Unlike Hyun-soo, who is not very interested in plastic surgery, Hyun-soo's friends are very interested in plastic surgery. Among them, Hyun-soo's best friend Su-kyung, decides to get plastic surgery from Yoon-hee on vacation. Su Kyung, lying on the operating table with his hands and feet tied, for some reason, feels uneasy, but slowly falls asleep with anesthesia. The moment the operation is about to begin, a black object suddenly appears in the eyes of SuKyung, and she slowly closes her eyes with anesthetic at the end of her struggle.

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