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Black Republic

Genre    |   Drama

Director |   Kwang-Su Park

Cast       |   Sung-Keun Moon / Hye-Jin Shim

Runtime |   100 min

Black Republic
동영상 보기


Gi-young a student activist wanted by the government for leading demonstrations hides out in a "soon-to-be-abandoned" coal mine and works as a gofer. Sung-cheol, the coal factory owner's son, is known around town for being a tyrant in nearby coffee shops and bars. He shows uncharacteristic interest in Gi-young. Young-sook, who sells more than coffee at the coffe house, is fascinated by Gi-young's qualities. She decides to pursue love by giving up prostitution. Their love remains even after the threat of a worker strike. When Sung-cheol hears about his mother's death, he becomes violent towards Young-sook.. Gi-young tries to stop the fight but is pulled into it and mistaken by the police as a perpetrator. After the torture he endured, the police let him go. Gi-young has no choice but to leave town because his identity has been exposed. Young-sook sets off with him to leave the coal mine village but on her last coffee run, she runs into Seong-cheol. She kills him when he tries to stop her from leaving and is dragged off by the police as Gi-young watches on.

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