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Barefoot Gibong

Genre    |   Drama / Comedy

Director |   Soo-Kyung Kwon

Cast       |   Su-Mi Kim, Hyun-Jun Shin

Runtime |   100 min

Barefoot Gibong_Trailer
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In the quiet rural "Darangyi" village, where you can see the beautiful sea of the South Sea, there is an old bachelor Gi-bong, who is 40 years old man but only eight year old intelligence cause he got a fever when he was a kid.

What Gi-bong loves the most in the world is his mother, and what he does best is running.

People in the neighborhood call him "Barefoot Gi-bong" when they see him running home without shoes on and setting up a warm table in the hope of bringing their mom the food they get while doing chores in the local people call him "Barefoot Gi-bong."

Gi-bong is a devoted son of his 80-year-old mother and is widely known throughout the neighborhood.

Gi-bong's morning begins by bringing warm washwater every morning for his mother. I've been working on a tree for my mom to get rid of the fire. Gi-bong always follows his mother, who is having a hard time moving and deaf due to her old age.

Even if she goes to the market to buy things or even goes to the bathroom, Gi-bong is always by his mother's side. He becomes a child only in front of his mother and complains, but when his mother is angry, he sings songs with mikes that have been carved out of wood and soothes her by playing games. Gi-bong is the most precious and dependable son in the world to his mother. There is no shade in their faces even though they are in difficult circumstances. Living with gratitude all day long, they always smile bright and bright.

Since running for his mother is a routine, Gi-bong, who was confident in running since he was young, accidentally participates in a running competition held in the region and proudly wins the prize. Gi-bong, who has been able to give unexpected joy to his mother, who has been suffering all her life, has since decided to give her joy through running.

Meanwhile, Baek, the village head of Dharangyi, who is proud of Ki-bong's talent, decided to send Gi-bong to the National Amateur Half Marathon and began training in earnest, claiming to be Gi-bong's trainer. Gi-bong decides to give dentures to his mother, who can't eat because she doesn't have teeth if he gets first place, and he runs around the neighborhood every day to practice.

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