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2009 Lost Memories

Genre    |   Action

Director |   Si-Myung Lee

Cast       |   Dong-Gun Jang, Nakamura Toru

Runtime |   134 min

Lost Memories_Trailer
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It has already been 100 years since the East Asian region was reintegrated under the name of the "Japanese Empire" into the "Community of Greater East Asia," and now the name Joseon has long lost its place on Earth.

But... the fight between the unknown anti-government Resistance Fureisenjin and the Inoue Foundation, the mastermind of all plots, is not over yet. Seoul, Japan's third city.

Anti-government Resistance Hureisenjin infiltrated the exhibition hall of relics hosted by Inoue, a big political figure, and quickly turned the party into a chaos. Special investigator Sakamoto Masayuki of the JBI (Jang Dong-gun) and his close friend Shojiro Saigo (Nakamura Toru) will be deployed to quell the attacks.

Terrorism is completely suppressed within 10 minutes of its outbreak, but Sakamoto questions the unclear purpose of terrorism by those who attacked non-political wartime events and the exquisite way of terror without a single civilian victim.

Sakamoto, who insists on a close reinvestigation of the terrorist incident, is in conflict with JBI leaders who try to cover it up.

Sakamoto learns that the investigation is arbitrary and that the Fureisenjin have continued to carry out terrorist attacks involving the Inoue Foundation. And at the same time, the plot of Inoue, a big political figure, is hidden behind these incidents. However, JBI leaders ignore Sakamoto's claims and even suspend his friend Saigo, and urge Sakamoto to stop the investigation. Sakamoto, who was digging up the Hureisenjin organization by himself, was arrested under the charge of killing a fellow police officer by the manipulation of the JBI and managed to escape with the help of Saigo, but suffered severe injuries. In addition, he leaves Sakamoto with the words, "We are the only friends and will have no choice but to aim the gun when we meet again." Sacamoto, who was injured and wandered off the streets, slipped unknowingly into the Hureysenites' hideout...

And finally we know the truth of the huge conspiracy surrounding the Fureisenjin and Inoue Foundation...

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