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Winter Wanderer

Genre    |   Romance

Director |   Ji-Kyun Guak

Cast       |   Sung-Ki Ahn , Suk-Woo Kang

Runtime |   120 min

Winter Wanderer
동영상 보기


Min-wu who has fallen in love for the first time with Da-hye is hit with some misfortune. Min-wu goes into hiding in the red district. He meets Eun-young who works there and is drawn to her. Da-hye is unable to overcome the tragedy of her first love and she finds comfort in Hyun-tae, Min-wu's friend. Hyun-tae suffers between staying true to his friend Min-wu and the desire he feels toward Da-hye. Meanwhile, Min-wu is implicated in a crime. He does a long stint in jail. Upon his release, Min-wu meets Eun-young who has been raising his child. After a few years, Da-hye had moved on from Min-wu and had married Hyun-tae. Eun-young appears before them. She tells them of Min-wu's death and leaves his child with them.

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