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The day a pig fell into the well

Genre    |   Drama

Director |   Sang-Soo Hong

Cast       |   Eui-Sung Kim, Eun-Kyung Lee

Runtime |   113 min

The day a pig fell into the well_Trailer
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A movie like a short story!

Hyoseop (Kim Eui-sung), a third-rate writer, is united with inferiority complex.

Min-jae (Cho Eun-sook), who got to know her at the publishing company, loves Hyo-seop and watches over the correction of his manuscript, but Hyo-seop is obsessed with her relationship with Bok-kyung (Lee Eung-kyung).

Cause of her reluctance to her husband, who has a mysophobia, Bo-kyung decides to go on a trip with Hyo-seop.

Min-jae, who works at the theater for ticket sales, does various part-time jobs from time to time and gets fired when he finds out about them at the theater. When Bogyeong went away because of Minjae, who brought a cake and a gift to Hyoseop on his birthday, Hyoseop shouted to Minjae to disappear and Sangsu, who was watching him, chased Minjae...

Novelist Hyo-seop, who suffers from inferiority and victim mentality after failing to publish a decent work, falls in passionate love with Bo-kyung, a married woman.

The film, which is intertwined with the emotions of several characters, including Bo-kyung's husband Dong-woo, Hyo-seop's beloved theater ticket agent Min-jae, and Min-soo, who loves her unrequitedly, is director Hong Sang-soo's debut film based on Koo Hyo-seo's novel.

In the 1990s, when the individualistic worldview was expanding, micro-scapes of our city, which were changing through this, were captured and unfolded from a writer's perspective.

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