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See You After School

Genre    |   Comedy / Drama

Director |   Suck-Hoon Lee

Cast       |   Tae-Kyu Bong, Tae-Hyun Jin

Runtime |   103 min

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Namgung is a man’s last name and name is Dal, Namgungdal.

However, everyone mistakenly called him "Gungdal," and he has never been called properly. Gungdari was born with an unfortune to win the first prize in Un Lucky Lotto.

As a result, things are always messed up and they are often ostracized in contrast to their intentions. In the end, he gets intensive care at the clinic for escape from outcast for a year and tries to start a new life with a transfer. The day when the "O" stand flew off and took its first step to "Gongmun High School" instead of "Gomoon High School"! Gungdahl meets a Yam Saeng from the clinic. The "action plan for a good school life" passed down by Yum Saeng, who has been cleared of the past and fully adapted to the school life, catches a weak-looking guy and starts a quarrel, exaggerating his position as if he's a strong guy. Easy prey is caught in the eyes of the Gungdal, who was looking for the object of dispute with firm determination. The little ones who bullied Mina, the beautiful queen of beauty, that all men drool over every spot they passed by! Gungdal is an opportunity, and he picks on them who seem to be quite cheap in their humanity. But! The Gung-dal, who was still lacking in information about the new school, was fearlessly attacked, and the official documentaries, Cap Jjang Jae-gu, scattered the legend of blood! He flies a bloody rooftop invitation to the Gung-dal. There are a lot of footprints that have been dragged up, but none of them have come back alive!

After School Rooftop!!

At the end of the class, the archer, who is in danger of being dragged to the rooftop and "hit hard," plans a desperate struggle to avoid a rooftop fight somehow.

If you leave early, you can vomit into the house instead of the rooftop after school?

If you buy a stronger guy and throw him out before 4:00, he can't be on the roof?

If you have an accident and are taken to the student department, you can only stay in the student department after school?

Due to Nam Gung-dal's natural bad luck, the crisis snowballs, and the incident is endless.

"A big match will be held on the rooftop after school today!

Watch the action properly!

What a talent! Kungtarya!

It's a showdown of the century.”

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