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My Wife Is a Gangster 2

Genre    |   Comedy Action

Director |   Hung-soon Chung

Cast       |   Shin Eun-kyung , Park Jun-qu

Runtime |   110 min

My Wife Is a Gangster 2
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At the roof of a skyscraper a life-or-death battle between the Gawipa family and their rival group is taking place. Just when the Gawipa seem to be losing, a helicopter looms up above the building. The one to jump off the chopper is Cha Eun-jin, the boss of Gawipa, and the reason they had become the living legend among gangsters. She had conquered the ‘boys only’ club with just her scissors. But after taking a blow, she falls from the building taking a serious wound to the head, which causes her to lose her memory. She is saved by Jae-cheol, who owns a Chinese diner. She starts working at the diner as a delivery girl. Unaware that she has an instinct for fighting, she happens to catch a bank robber and receives the Brave Citizen’s Award

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