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Marrying the Mafia 3

Genre    |   Cmedy Action

Director |   Yong-ki Jeong

Cast       |   Hyun-jun Shin , Won-hee Kim

Runtime |   128 min

Marrying the Mafia 3
동영상 보기


The White Tiger Family was a notorious criminal syndicate in Jeola province. When her first son marries a prosecutor, HONG Duk-ja, the head of the Mob, leaves organized crime and starts a Kimchi business. However, the former prosecutor, Myung-phil, who was put in prison for a crime of passion against In-jae, gets released and finds a chance to retaliate. Teaming up with the Axe Gang, he prepares a vicious plot to bring down the White Tiger Family. And as the Kimchi business fails because of Myung-phil’s plot, the family gets thrown out on the street pennilessly. However, they don’t give up that easily. Everybody unites and gets ready to fight back. The family is on its way back to glory!

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