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Hwang Jin Yi

Genre    |   Drama

Director |   Chang-ho Bae

Cast       |   Sung-Ki Ahn, Mi-Hee Jang

Runtime |   125 min

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Draw her dream on a skirt

Jin-yi, who is a daughter of Hwang Jin-sa, is unilaterally dismissed for the suicide of Gatchabachi, who had a crush on her before the wedding, and becomes a Gisaeng after being shocked by Gatchabachi's death.

Hwang Jin-yi, who had a reputation as a Gisaeng, meets Byeok Kyesu and falls in love with each other, but when he is selected as a envoy of Ming Dynasty and leaves her, she is obsessed with betrayal and goes on a wandering trip.

After that, he meets with the economically incompetent scholar Yi Saeng and shares his life.

But she found out he try to sell her to Namsadang group, she willing to follow them by herself.

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