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Holy Daddy

Genre    |   Comedy

Director |   Sung-Gook Kwon

Cast       |   Min-Woo Lee, Ha Ha

Runtime |   105 min

Holy Daddy
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Young-gyu, who is serving prison time for fraud, was forced to play kickball by the leader of the ganagster, Jang Seok-jo died of concussion. Young-gyu, always wanting to be a great father to his son Won Tak after leaving the prison, couldn't make his dream come true. But then an angel appears in front of his soul. Then, Young-kyu asks the angel to permit him a short time to make good memories with his son. The angel thought for a moment whether to disobey the order of heaven or not, and then decided to revive Young-gyu for a few days. But, oh my God did he reincarnate into a high school boy!

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