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Genre    |   Horror

Director |   Sang-Hoon Ahn

Cast       |   Yoon-Ah Song, Dong-Wook Lee

Runtime |   97 min

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Three serial murders.


The only clue found at these sites is the website of a girl named Minjeong, who is floating on the victims' computers.

So-young (Song Yoon-ah), a female detective who was suspended and just returned, will team up with the rookie Hyun-ki (Lee Dong-wook) to investigate the case.

So-young then finds out that the three victims are all related to a girl named "Min-jung" among friends.

Soyoung pointed out Dong-min (played by Lee Jong-soo), a friend of the victims, as the prime suspect and began to investigate him. Then one day, even the suspect Dong-min is killed.

Minjung's homepage found at all four serial murders. So-young and Hyun-ki, who were investigating civil affairs, find out that she suddenly went missing 10 years ago and that they had met with the four victims. Soyoung, who came to visit a village on the beach where Minjeong lived, heard a strange rumor.


No other than that, a girl ghost appears in a salt warehouse near the beach! Ever since she came back from the place that terrorized everyone in the village, she begins to see a ghost in her dreams every night...

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